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Will not launch

Crap crap crap get it off the market.

It won't even launch on my iPhone.

Needs a major overhaul

A promising app. But the interface leaves much to be desired. I hope the developers change the "ping" switch to a button and the ping results should display much more detailed results (IP address, etc). And there should be an option to set a default site for pinging. Heck, it wouldn't hurt to include a traceroute function as well. It's never too late to add these features. Needs a better icon, too.


Find something else


What is it?


iTouch would freeze every time.


And it does every time


This will crash on you. I had to do a cold reboot just to get my Touch out of the app.


This app froze up the very first time I tried it. Didn't feel like giving it another chance. Uninstalled it right away.

App won't launch

I'm running 2.2 sw, can't get the app to open. Tried power cycling to no avail. I get a black screen and after a few seconds the app closed.


Crash everytime


Thanks for this application!

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